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End Of Quarter Update

2023 has started fast and strong and we have all of you to thank. Since the beginning of the year, we have had some major successes and laid the foundation for future initiatives.

Thanks to your support, this quarter, we launched a new store and sponsorship program. We attended Rail Passenger Association’s RailNation, where we made new contacts and relationships, which we plan to leverage into new growth and policy initiatives. We were also able to grow our social media following by 82% and our mailing list by 30%. This growth will allow us to reach new audiences and expand our rail education efforts, as well as build legitimacy and become a loud voice for passenger rail.

With all that being said, work is nowhere close to being done. We have big plans for the next quarter. We will continue to expand our presence online and in your local communities, we will grow our membership, and we will continue to be strong proponents for passenger rail in the Southeast. We will do our part but we need your help.

Like any nonprofit we rely on our supporters, followers, and donors for financial support, so we can continue our education and advocacy efforts. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today, so we can bring high quality rail to the Southeast. Any amount would be appreciated.

We have a lot of work to do, but we at SEPRI are confident that we can bring high quality passenger rail to the Southeast! Thank you for being on this journey with us and let’s get the Southeast #READYFORRAIL.

Allen Crosby

President of the Southeastern Passenger Rail Initiative

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