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Virginia Railway Express is FREE!

Through the end of September the VRE (Virginia Railway Express) is offering free fares on all of their routes. This is a great opportunity to take a ride up to DC and around northern Virginia! So do not miss it!

The VRE has two routes, both terminating at DC's Union Station. The Manassas Line leaves from Broad Run via Mannassas. And the Fredericksburg Line which leaves from Spotsylvania and travels north up the Potomac River via Fredericksburg, Quantico and Lorton. Both lines meet in Alexandria, where connections to the DC Metro and Amtrak are available.

The free fares are intended to help build back ridership that was lost during the pandemic, as well as help commuters who have been effected by the shutdown of the blue and yellow metro lines in northern Virginia.

For more information on station locations and train schedule please click the button below.

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