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About Us

Our Mission

Southeastern Passenger Rail Initiative works on engaging with the people of Southeast to promote the benefits of expanded high quality passenger rail.


Through the use of new and traditional media the SEPRI hopes to galvanize the public and create momentum within the State, Local and Federal government to build one of the top passenger rail systems in the world

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Our Story

The Southeastern Passenger Rail Initiative (SEPRI) is a collaborative effort among activist, grassroots organizers and community leaders to improve passenger rail service in the region. As a 501(c)(3) the initiative aims to enhance connectivity between cities and towns across the southeast, providing residents and visitors with a safe, reliable, and convenient mode of transportation. 

Through this collaboration, SEPRI hopes to secure funding and support for rail infrastructure improvements, as well as build public support for expanded passenger rail service.


Overall, the Southeastern Passenger Rail Initiative represents an exciting opportunity to improve transportation in the southeast, creating new economic and social opportunities for communities throughout the region. Through our advocacy for passenger rail service, SEPRI aims to create a more connected, sustainable, and vibrant southeastern United States.

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