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Our Initiatives

Passenger rail can be the catalyst for a vibrant future. Our mission is to see a world class rail network in the Southeast

What we want to see.

Increased service

Currently we are very limited in the Southeast when it comes to volume and type of rail service. We are advocating for a multilevel approach.

-High speed express rail connecting high density metros with limited stops.

-Regional rail that connects small and medium cities to metro areas.

-Local trains connecting small towns to their prospective regions.

-Cost effective night trains connecting metros and destination cities.

Modernize and innovate the intercity transit space.

Intercity rail is a product that has to be sold to the public. A modern fleet with WiFi, comfortable seats, digital displays, clean new stations and amenities are more likely to bring new customers that would have driven or flown.

Expedite current projects

Time is of the essence. We are already woefully behind the rest of the modern world when it comes to rail. The SEPRI is focused on seeing projects completed in a reasonable amount of time, so the people that are paying for the systems will be able to use it. We also will prevent projects that have been approved for modernization and constriction from being put on the back burner. 


How we are going to do it.

Prove the benefits of rail

Most Americans see modern rail as too expensive, not practical, and unrealistic for their communities. Through education and partnership we will show that rail is not only obtainable but practical for the lives of everyday citizens.

Convince politicians

Having political support is critical to seeing these initiatives completed. The Southeastern Passenger Rail Initiative will work too convince elected officials that rail will not only benefit their constituents, but a positive for their generations and the generations there after

Find new and better ways of funding.

Build relationships between government and private entities to create a fantastic passenger rail network within the Southeast.

Decrease construction time.

Bring passenger rail construction and standards in line with the rest of the western world, decreasing construction time and allowing new technology to be used in the Southeast. 

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