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All Aboard Northwest

Building high quality passenger rail is truly a group effort. Success in one area of the country will lead to success in our area. So if you're a rail advocate and live in the Northwest make sure to follow All Aboard Northwest.

We at the SEPRI have had the privilege of getting to know this organization and are very excited for the work that they are doing to bring passenger rail to the Northwestern states. In a recent zoom call, we were able to sit down with them and discuss specifically on how we as advocates are going to shape the conversation. Their team is dedicated to passenger rail expansion and advocacy. Some of their advocacy includes: education programs, community outreach, coalition building and so much more. They also do specific outreach to stakeholders and policymakers to bring new rail service to areas of the country that have largely been forgotten. For example, bringing new passenger lines to central and eastern Washington, re-establishing the Big Sky route in Southern Montana, and connecting Utah to the northern east to west long distance routes.

Make sure to follow them on all your socials and check out their website to learn more about their initiatives and goals.

Do you know of any other organization that needs a shoutout. Let us know! Use the button below and sign up through the sponsorship page!

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