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Corridor ID Is Out!

The Map Is Filling In!

The FRA has announced the corridors that will receive millions of dollars in funding through the Corridor ID Program. For those who are not aware, a few months ago the FRA announced the Corridor ID Program. This program asks private passenger rail operators, state DOTs and Amtrak, to identify specific corridors for study and investment. After hundreds of submissions and months of deliberation, the map is finally out! 

Here are some highlights for the Southeast:

The Southeast will be getting two high speed rail lines. One between Dallas and Houston and another between Atlanta and Charlotte. 

Three out of four of Tennessee’s largest metropolitan areas will finally be connected by  passenger rail . Starting in Memphis you will be able to take the train all the way to Chattanooga via Nashville.

In North Carolina, King’s Mountain,  Fayetteville, Asheville, Wilmington and Winston-Salem will all have new rail services, thus connecting all of North Carolina's major metropolitan areas to the existing rail network.

Daily Sunset Limited service from New Orleans.

New service from Atlanta to Savannah

Virginia is getting an East to West service, connecting Roanoke to Richmond without having to go all the way to Alexandria. Virginia will also get a new route to Bristol along with improved services on every other existing route.

I-20 Corridor will connect Atlanta to Dallas 

New services to Baton Rouge and Mobile

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Within the program's announcement, the FRA has listed dozens of additional stations and route improvements, ranging from speed to frequency of service  Over the next month we will review  each corridor state by state and review stations, allocation of funding and the projected timeline of each project. 

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