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MARC is heading south.

Some interesting news from Virginia. Maryland Transportation Authority is looking to extend MARC service into Virginia.

As of now the plan is to run a service through Union Station in DC all the way to Alexandria, with intermediate stops at Crystal City and L’Enfant, using existing Virginia Railway Express stations. This will also allow MARC to have additional connections to the Yellow, Green and Blue Metro lines. This extension would create one seat rides through the District of Columbia connecting much of Maryland to the new Amazon HQ and the rest of the VRE network

The intent is to start bi-directional service on both the VRE and MARC networks creating a modern regional rail network around the capital city. However VRE, Amtrak and Norfolk Southern have stated that in order to add trains to this line capacity improvements on the Long Neck Bridge will have to be completed. Construction is scheduled to be completed by 2030.

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