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Passenger rail is in Uptown Charlotte

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Passenger trains are finally rolling into uptown Charlotte. With the completion of Gateway station phase one construction project, NCDOT was able to bring a test trip into the station.

This test run marks the completion of phase 1 of the Gateway project. This includes construction of a high-level island platform, its access tunnel and new bridges to support the structure and separate it from freight traffic.

Phase two of the project, which will be headed by the city of Charlotte, will see the construction of a new station building along with retail, food options and dozens of other amenities. In the mean time, a temporary station will be built to service Amtrak trains and intercity buses.

Once completed the new station will innately service three Amtrak/ NCDOT routes: The Piedmont, Carolinian, and the Crescent. Eventually it will also become the southern terminus of the Red Line, a commuter line which will head north to Mooresville. In addition to heavy rail, there will be a connection to the Lynx Gold Line. From there, passengers will have an easy access to the Blue Line and eventual Silver Line.

The construction of this station is a huge step forward for rail in North Carolina and in the Southeast. Giving people easier access to one of the South's largest cities will bring new customers and will lead to new station construction and service expansion.

Credit :Adam Schultz

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