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Poll Results

Poll results are in!

A couple days ago we asked our followers what route they are most likely to use and the results are in. A large majority say they would use an Atlanta to Charlotte train, which makes sense. These are three of the fastest growing cities in the Southeast if you include Greenville, SC as a midpoint. These cities also have an increasing younger and more urban population. It also goes to show the awfulness of interstate 85.

Next, is the Nashville corridor. This route would finally connect middle Tennessee to the rest of the South and give a major economic boost to the Nashville area.

Orlando to Jacksoville came in third, and lastly, came New Orleans to Houston. Both of these routes would be great for the tourism industry as well as relieve the horrible congestion on Interstate 4, 95, and 10.

We would like to note that all of these routes, if built, would be very successful. Millions of people would use these services. Thus, relieving congestion, building the economy and moving the Southeast into the 21st century.

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