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Texas Central is moving forward!

Texas Central is moving forward with the Southeast first electrified High Speed Rail Road! Let's talk about their trains. The current plans have the line using new Japanese style bullet trains (shinkansen). These trains will have a top speed of up to 200mph and will be able to make the trip from Dallas- Ft Worth to Houston in less than 90 minutes, far out pacing any trip by car.

Station will be placed just outside Houston and Dallas with quick connection to freeways and local amenities. In addition to these stops there will also be an intermediate stop in College station connecting Texas A&M to the high speed network. These stations will be state of the art with modern amenities including refreshment and shopping. Rendering shows a facility comparable to many new European and Asian stations.

Photos courtesy of Texas Central, show a sleek, modern and comfortable ride. The two by two configuration far out performs the airlines when it comes to comfort and accessibility.

We hope that is the first step to creating a great network of bullet trains throughout Texas. Eventually connecting San Antonio and Austin to the network.

Are you planning on taking the Southeast first bullet train?

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