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Why are you not taking the train?

We want to know, why are you not taking the train?

There are a lot of positives to riding the train: comfort, accessibility, downtown drop off ect. However we know that passenger rail in the Southeast is horrible. Trian are often late, there are very limited stations and in most places there is only one or two trains per day. So, based on the current state of rail, why are you not choosing to take the train for your local, regional, and intercity trips?

With this information we can advocate for specific investments in our current network that would lead to increased ridership and expand services.

Please vote by using the form below.. If there is another reason why you don’t take the train let us know in the comments!

Why are you not taking the train?

  • I am too far away from a station

  • Tickets too are expensive

  • The current service does not fit into my schedule

  • It is too unreliable (never know if will show up on time)

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