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Wilmington NC Wants To Be A Rail Hub

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Want to take the train to the beach?

Wilmington NC is looking to be that next great rail stop. Amtrak/ NCDOT have plans to introduce a new passenger rail service to Wilmington via Goldsboro of Fayetteville. This new route would connect the isolated eastern section of North Carolina to the economically prosperous Piedmont region. At the reasonable speed of 125 mph the time between Raleigh and Wilmington would be reduced to a single hour. From there travelers can connect to Amtrak's Piedmont (Raleigh to Charlotte), Carolinian

(Charlotte to New York) and Silver Services (New York to Miami) as well as the future Triangle Commuter rail service and future HSR service to Richmond.

In addition to intercity rail, New Hanover County is planning on building a new multimodal terminal which may include: a new commuter rail service that will extend deep into Brunswick County and Pender County, light rail service, a intercity bus terminal and a local bus terminal. Currently the local bus terminal has already been constructed and the future rail station has been designed.

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